Invisible Truth Will Guide You Step By Step


The Invisible Truth universal training series is a professionally narrated and masterfully produced collection of 8 audios in CD or instant access downloadable mp3 format. This 8 volume mastery contains over 6 hours of easy listening, guided one on one teachings.


Invisible Truth 8 CD Program


CDs 1-4 shows you clearly, and in detail explain the 9 laws or principles to show you the correct and most effective way to move directed, controlled, organized energy in your favor.


CD 5 shows you how to make the laws or principles work for you for the positive, and also, how to move yourself from feeding the senses of the external body to feeding the senses of the internal soul and the unlimited manifestations it holds. This CD is powerful!!!


CD 6 shows you how to scientifically change your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the curator of your manifestations. It oversees the collection of materials that your conscious mind gives it, and shapes it into reality in your life. To recreate your world as you choose, you must give your subconscious mind new materials to create with.


Your subconscious mind is continuously creating, automatically and habitually, every second, minute and hour of the day with the power of a super natural, divine force. Correctly change your subconscious mind and unlimited abundance is yours. It does not matter what the circumstances, economy or anything else is, because this divine power allows you to recreate your life the way that you choose.Your subconscious mind is continuously creating, automatically and habitually, every second, minute and hour of the day.


CD 7 shows you how Power Groups work from the inside out in the metaphysical form, a super natural force that guides you to the actualization of the things that you choose. With Power Groups, everyone is equal, regardless of their position in life. The laws of Nature/Universe or God are the same for everyone. The laws show no favoritism.


Power Groups, done correctly, will tremendously accelerate, and exponentially multiply the abundance in your life, and in your home-based business. Move divine power in your favor and receive it all.


CD 8 shows you examples of life experiences and how to change them using the nine laws or principles in “Invisible Truth” You will learn how to recreate your situations by the examples given within CD 8. Knowing and following the laws and principles, will give you unchallenged, continuous abundance in your life. Study, know and practice, and “Invisible Truth” will deliver a confident freedom.




INvisible Truth physical 8 CD audio course