When dealing with life and personal  issues, many people feel that everything has to be  a quick fix. That if something takes to much effort and time it is not worth it to do. Things take time. It is the effort of being persistent and consistent with anything be it around health or business it is the effort put forth that brings desired results. 

The truth is, what we think about right now is what we bring into our future...are you moving to health and prosperity with your thoughts, or moving away from it? 

What are you creating right now? It does make a big difference...

Every thing you do for yourself is worth it. Every small baby step you take is significant and leads you to a greater you.

Remove, Replenish, Restore... and put quite simply:

Get the bad guys out and get the good guys in!


Having had some serious chronic health issues  for many years and searching for the "Secret" to stay healthy ( no matter what your situation) I have learned a few key things:

1. It IS what we eat and,

2. It IS what we think.

 We can go round and round working on ourselves and resolving different pieces of our personal puzzle and thats O.K. The most important thing is to keep resolving. Keep working and experiencing and slowly the correct doors open. Time is of no meaning because everything happens in due time. 

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Are you stressed? are you happy, are you  healthy and working hard to stay that way?  Are you conscious about the importance of finding peace in your life.   Are you looking for a spiritually fulfilling and financially rewarding  way to create multiple streams of  income?  Would you like to develop supportive relationships with fellow team members?  



Depending on what we are facing.......


conventional healthcare, which has it's place, can be limited in approach and fraught with side-effects.   Holistic Medicine and natural supplementation is an important avenue of healing.   Finding a balance and  synergy between the different modalities can be confusing but is certainly attainable. We really must blend all modalities. 
The hands come together in a hand shake. 




Let us help you discover the correct solutions in your quest for health, prosperity and longevity.




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Christina E. Smith



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Hepatitis c
toxic overload
chemical toxicity
mercury poisoning
aluminum poisoning
MS and aluminum
chronic headaches
hormones weight gain
sleep disorders
sleep aids
snoring aids
trouble sleeping
insomnia treatment
natural hormone replacement
gulf war syndrome





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I have created this web site for individuals ready to make a commitment to their health and prosperity.  We are a supportive, team-building group.  As our site develops,  we will include a list of recommended practitioners in your area, information about specific protocols, helpful  books to read, DVD's to watch, along with general wellness information.



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