Are you creating positive or negative patterns in your life when it comes to your Health?

What we hear or learn from the time we are very young, is stored in our subconscious mind and carried through as a pattern in our life into adult hood. Some of these patterns are positive and some are negative. Some behaviors reflect on how we interact in our personal relationships as well as how we view our own health. Learn how to change certain behaviors that are not positive and do it with ease. This is not rocket science. You will wonder why no one ever taught you these simple techniques before!

Every single word you speak carries power. Every-single- word. And that power is greatly underestimated. Most people are so unaware of the power of their words that they obliviously create unnecessarily negative and destructive situations in their life.

Each individual word has its own vibration. Put your hands on your throat and speak. That vibration is creative. Create your world as you choose with correct spoken words and formations.

Belief is an ensemble of experiences, emotions, and memories forming associative neurol pathways that creates your subconscious. The current of energy that flows down these pathways is the food of manifestation. Align your associative neurol pathways correctly for unlimited abundance.

With belief, nothing shall be impossible unto you. Nothing!!!

Rescue Your Health… or TAKE YOUR Health  TO THE NEXT LEVEL! It does not matter what type of health issue it is, it could be anything that you wish to turn around!

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The world has changed. The “truth” you thought you knew is no longer valid. In order to maintain, or elevate, your station in life, it is necessary to re-evaluate the “rules of the game.”

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