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How toxic are you? How would you find out? How would you remove the toxins and monitor your results safely and  easily from your own home?
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Listen to me talk to our team about what to expect while taking the Natural Cellular defense drops

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Hight Bandwidths Connection (DLS/Cable)

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Low Bandwidths Connection (56k Modem)

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   Natural Cellular Defense©
                    a new oral heavy metal detoxification produCT
This natural product consisting of specialized processed zeolites is a tremendous advancement in heavy metal detoxification.  The following aspects of NCD will be discussed:
-FDA status is GRAS
-effectively and irreversibly binds toxic heavy metals
-urine challenge testing available to monitor results
-does not mobilize mercury from dental amalgam
-does not remove nutrient divalent cations ie: Calcium, Magnesium, etc.
-corrects pH
-captures virus sub-particles, thereby interfering with intracellular replication.
Several options will be discussed regarding different approaches in using NCD to augment your current heavy metal