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NCD Toxic Heavy Metals Urine Challenge Protocol

General information:

Toxic heavy metals, such as Mercury, Arsenic and Lead are typically not excreted well from the body due to their tight binding to receptor sites in the body tissues. That is why detoxifying agents such as NCD drops are required to remove them. The challenge urine test will demonstrate how much of the toxic heavy metals are removed by ingesting 4 test doses of 15 drops each. The presence of twenty different heavy metals are assessed. This testing is done by ICP Mass Spectrometry.

There is no test that determines a person's total body toxic heavy metals load. The scientific assumption is that over time, with the use of detoxifying protocols and minimal further toxic exposure, that the toxic heavy metals will be totally removed. Follow-up urine challenges would demonstrate this by lower amounts of toxic heavy metals being detected over time. A follow-up schedule of urine challenge test is up to the individual, depending on her initial results and symptomology. A reasonable schedule of follow-up urine challenges may be as often as every 4-6 weeks.



When you are ready to perform the toxic heavy metals urine test:

If you purchase a test kit you MUST follow the instructions on this site to do the test and fill out the form. Do not follow the test instructions in the box!

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