Costa Rica Research and Health Center

Concept: To establish state-of-the-art research and healthcare facilities based upon respect for the energetic forces and spiritual consciousness within all life that is the basis of all healing in the nurturing environment of Costa Rica.

Mission Statement: To establish a supportive community of researchers and healers so that they may have the resources to do their work on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual. The non-profit health care center will welcome all those who require help in the physical, mental and spiritual health spheres. The center will provide leadership in the field of Quantum Medicine. The healing protocols will be based upon the science of Quantum Physics, integrated with the most progressive techniques from all of the healing arts and sciences.

A major emphasis will be on developing accurate diagnostics techniques using Quantum Medicine to assess all aspects of the individual. Another focus will be to develop energetic protocols that definitely address all aspects of diagnosed illness, incorporating mind, body and spirit techniques.

Objectives: The research center will attract the top experts in all fields of science and art with the focus of healing people and the planet. These researchers will be provided the physical space, equipment, personnel, residential quarters and nurturing support necessary for the successful completion of their projects. They will retain the rights to their work and discoveries and the center will provide a base for research, publishing and promoting their work. Depending upon the project results, revenues may be generated from the marketing of their products and protocols and will be used to finance operating expenses of the research center.

The healthcare center will be a non-profit center that will accept people who require healing. Donations will be accepted to support this facility. This center will provide the most accurate, effective and safest protocols. The goal is to provide curative protocols based upon scientific research. Individuals will have the opportunity to participate in research studies.

The center will welcome groups and host conferences with a focus of healing of people and the planet through mind, body and spirit techniques.

Services provided for guests of the center will include:

Location: Properties have been identified on the Pacific side of the country. The area near Lake Arenal has some particular advantages. The West-side has the international airport in Liberia for access. Canas has a new hospital and lab facility.

Staff: Researchers and Practitioners will be recognized experts in their fields with demonstrated humanitarian activities.

Teaching programs will be offered on a preceptor, internship, fellowship or graduate student basis.

Health Center employees and staff will be drawn from the local community include technical, hospitality and maintenance.

Development of the center:

Plan is to identify property that already has a resort facility in place that will provide an immediate revenue source. The property must have sufficient acreage to allow additional building on site to accommodate the entire center. Minimum land requirement is approximately 300 acres. The location is expected to be in the NW area of Costa Rica, preferably near Lake Arenal or in the Guanacosta Penisula , near to the Liberia International Airport.

Dr Lyn Hanshew and Mr. Steve Linde have already moved to Lake Arenal to facilitate the search for property and to develop the personal and professional relationships necessary to be successful.

Mr. Fabio Quesada is our Costa Rican representative. He is a native of Costa Rica and a very successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is bilingual and lived in the US for 18 years. He has extensive knowledge of the tourist and fishing charter business. He is very familiar with his country's geography and infra-structure. He has prominent family and friends in the medical and legal fields.

Market: Individuals world-wide will be drawn to the center to partake of healing protocols related to the mind, body and spirit. It will be especially attractive to those North Americans who desire effective, progressive therapies that may not be available yet in the U.S. An award-winning international marketing firm has agreed to handle international advertising compaign.

Scientific, professional and corporate conference groups will be attracted to the center for symposia and edification on subjects such as Quantum Medicine techniques and research results.

Time frame for purchase of property: Immediately as soon as monies can be identified and secured. Costa Rica permits purchase and private ownership of property by US citizens. It also recognizes dual citizenship with the USA. CR banking laws are very favorable towards US investors and developers. It is relatively easy to obtain resident status and licensing, as well.

Investor/Investment requirements: We would like to have a close nucleus of committed individuals to spearhead this project and help determine the policies and organizational strategy.

If you are interested in being part of this project please send us an email.