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Christina Smith

Jill of all trades, mentor, life coach

Christina Smith is the person that everybody wishes they had in their life. She can look at any situation and quickly identify the problem and come up with an effective solution. She has done this for countless companies and individuals alike, in managing their life plan.

Christina brings this extraordinary gift and talent to CopiousHealth on many levels. She has the ability to bring people together to find solutions, which may be the very reason you are reading this now. She also can assist you with taking in all of this new information and compiling it in a simple way that makes the most sense for YOU.

This dynamic and energetic speaker will help strategically align you with your health and prosperity goals, so that by the end of the day you know exactly where you want to go and more importantly HOW TO GET THERE with quick measurable results!

Email Christina at or call her at 206-423-6596

Joyce Jackson Progressive Therapy / Animal Therapy Systems
Animal Therapy Systems provides a variety of services and training for animal therapy using the electro acuscope myoscope systems
PO Box 4
Palo Cedro, CA 96073
800-544-8957 / 530-547-3666
530-547-1144 FAX
Liz MacDonald @
Liz has helped hundreds of individuals like you get in touch with their Angels and Guides. Ask questions and get the answers you need to make your own decisions in life. Many find this form of help very powerful and very healing.
Julie Barker Montgomery NDC, CEA, Master Herbalist, E.P.T., B.E.S.T. certified
Julie is currently in process of her Naturopathic Doctorate, and is a Nationally Certified Instructor of Equine Acupressure in the U.S., as well as being a Master Herbalist and certified in Equine Physical Therapy and Bio Energy Synchronization Technique, as taught by Dr. Ted Morter Jr. Fayetteville, Tennessee 931 425 0047
Kristian Hoenicke
  • Mortgage broker
  • Bellevue WA
  • PTF Financial
  • O 425-451-4739
  • F 866-885-8252
  • Fast personal service is my specialty!
Nigel and Maggie Percy. Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc
Nigel and Maggie Percy use their combined 30+ years of experience applying intuitive techniques to solving the problems of their human and animal clients. They use their websites to educate and empower interested people to use their intuition effectively to improve their lives. Their areas of expertise include space clearing and counseling for humans and animals on nutrition, emotional issues and personal problems. PO Box 617 Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Carrie Eastman's Horses, Humans & Healing
Offers a holistic approach to riding, training and health maintenance for people and their animal companions. Gardners, PA 17324 (717) 528-9973
A Five Star private equestrian training and sales facility nestled in the foothills of the Cascades. Offers full board, excellent care, and training by Christina Drake and Jeremy Steinberg. Experienced in the proper care, feeding, and treatment of insulin-resistant, chemical-sensitive, and restricted-diet horses.
Contact: Jessica Lyman 206-300-8702 or 425-788-4261

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