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Toxic overload...It's  in the news, its a major topic across the globe. Problem is, no one talks about a solution!  There are lots of solutions. Thats what we are about.
Our Goal is that we create  global awareness together as a team, about the internal effects of environmental toxicity in both people and animals, and that there are many things we can do about it!
Our We Share The Cause  organization web site is our  way to publicize a charter, keep members informed, and attract a broader audience. We  use this site to get the word out about our organization and create a better sense of community among our members.
Watch the YOUTUBE clips below. Get your own "Cause" web site and start spreading awareness!
Not sure how you can help? contact us! 206-423-6596

YOUTUBE Unseen Killers documentary this is a wake up call to pass along. asks us the question, what are we doing?

Becoming a Member

Become a member of Share The Cause by getting your very own "Cause" web site and then send your link  to your list of friends and associates.
 When you send people to your personal "Cause" site and they view it, you will get an instant text to your cell phone as well as an email letting you know they have seen it! Now you can call them right back.
You will get both clips as seen on YOUTUBE in your site,  and can email both clips in an email to your data base. One clip shows  on your URL. Perfect sales tool if you market any products that fall into the Green Movement category.
There is a back office with  lead generator and training audios on how to successfully prospect.

Use it to promote natural product lines. Increase your  bottom line by educating your clients in less than 10 minutes.
Use this to educate your friends and family. Help raise the urgency of Green awareness. Show everyone you know and meet the importance of using green cleaning products, hair care, make up, and learning to be Green On The Inside by Detoxing from things like heavy metals and toxins.

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Production Services
Interested in producing your own clip to feature in the "Cause" ?
We offer full production services.

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