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My name is Torrey and I was introduced to these wonderful  products through a friend, who had been taking them  for some time with great results, and actually felt that they could be a great help  for me as well as a  good financial investment.

 I have been focused on health matters for years, believing that there was more to healing than the kind of medical help that my mother had available to her, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother not only died of cancer in 1985, it was very obvious that the medicine destroyed her body first.

 My friends experience mirrored my hopes for the future of the new scientific research she was finding in several amazing products and the combination of them. These products are indeed cutting edge. I learned the importance of detoxifying  from environmental toxins and the need for a chelating agent with which to do it. I also learned the importance of   the use of glyconutrients- the miracle sugars that enable our cells to heal themselves internally. I have known of my friends’ plight for 10 years, and watched her search for anything to cure her.What she found was a combination of things   that enabled her body to assist in healing itself! The way it was meant to be.  In less than one year her health tests are phenomenal.

The surprise to me was of course the health benefits that I have received.MY ENERGY HAS INCREASED AND I FEEL FANTASTIC!

 There are always  three types of people involving themselves with health programs. The people who know that they are sick, the ones who are fighting for their lives, and the people who think that they are well. The later was me. Amazingly enough  after taking these product for two month’s, I went to fill my antidepressant medication- something that I have not been able to continue without for about 15 years. I was told by the pharmacist that they could not give me a refill  after such a gap in my using the medication.

I was stunned. I had realized that I was out, just before a long weekend of dealing with the public in my job, and was afraid to go through it without my meds. I have tried to stay calm without antidepressants, but went back to them immediately for various reasons over the years. Mostly, to raise my children in a healthy home-without a crying crazy mom. Or I could change that, to tell you that I could not keep myself in check at work. The strains of parenting (I have four children) and working an intense job overwhelmed me, and I continued my medicine, just to stay stable. I would have horrible withdrawals if I forgot to take them. I slept as much as possible, mostly due to side affects of the drugs, which I grew to accept as a necessary part of being me- A person who could not exist without antidepressants.

I decided that I too could benefit from this optimal health system that I had found so helpful to others, and on trust of my friends success and after doing a little research I made a committment to myself and began the products. It wasn't long after that I  stopped taking meds-truly a dream come true for me. Depression is serious stuff, not to be played lightly with, and I knew that truth well. But these products have given my body the nutrients it needed to allow my body to balance itself.  It has now been NEARLY SIX month’s, and I AM FEELING FABULOUS. I definitely had some  withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms sometimes  felt extreme, but only encouraged me to get the toxins out to my body. My serious depression has lifted, though I still work on needing to give positive feelings- years of negative thoughts need to rechannel. But I seem to be free of the physical issues of depression. I tried to take less to save money, but found myself losing the effects. I realize that I have not spent money on a single doctor. No more Doctor bills, no more prescriptions and I am giving my body what it needs to take care of itself!

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