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On this page I will provide information about myself and how life brought me to this point, wanting to share with you. 


Family is so important to me
This site is dedicated to my mother, Turid A. Wollebek
Welcome  to our site. I am  pleased to introduce  myself to you  and share a bit of my story and my personal quest to get well. First I want to dedicate my site to my Mom, Turid or "Tulip"  as I called her,  who passed to heaven on October 28th 2004 at the age of 69.  She was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. I miss her very much and hope to assist others through this site to find support in lifes journey....The first thing I want to say is, now is the time to pay attention to your health. Do not wait ....Regard your health as a gift and do your very best to keep it! Many of you I am sure have lost a loved one to illness and know how shockiing it can be....
I was born in Oslo , Norway and the first child  to a young adventurous couple named Torfinn and Turid Wollebek. My parents grew up durring the war when the Germans invaded Oslo and have many stories to tell . They were neighbors and lived just two blocks from each other as children. It was through the years and  durring those childhood play times out in the snow that they got to know each other.Alas, it  was not long before they discovered they were in Love and became married. My father was an adventurer and wanted more opportunity than what Norway had to offer.  A relative had visited Norway from the United states and offered his home for a visit, my father decided to leave my mother and I for the U.S. and pursue a job. more later..
In 1983 I was living a  fun filled adventurous life in Santa Monica California. My room mate at the time was Lani Ogrady who starred in the popular series Eight is enough (she played Mary Bradford studying to be a Dr. )  I was working in a recording studio called "The Sound Soloution" owned by David Epstein  that was prior owned by the Beach Boys.  I had my own band that performed locally in several of the night clubs  in town. I was writing and recording my own music with many very famous musicians . My dream and goal was to record my original songs and of course be "discovered" with my band.  I suddenly began experiencing severe pain in my right side beneath my rib cage and started experiencing fatigue.The symptoms progressed and I returned home to Bellevue Washington and had my mother set up  appointments with several physicians to help me diagnose my problem. Funny thing is, no one could find anything. They put me in Overlake hospitol where I was given a liver biopsey and an endoscopy along with full blood work. All the tests produced nothing. The doctors told me that they believed I was in pain but found no reason for it. I returned to Californina and remained for three more years. I continued to feel sick and began seeing several holistic practitioners searching for something that would help me to feel better.  I finally gave up on putting a name to what I had, and just continued looking for products that would help me feel better...On the advice of my friend and boss David, I enrolled with him in the Werner ehrhart program called "EST". At first I was afraid that I would not like it and be controlled by some strange cult thing but it was actually the begining of a huge change in my life. It became very clear to me that the world didn't "happen" to us, we were the pilots of our destiny. After that I became more focused on the things that I wanted in my life and was next introduced to Tony Robbins through a friend that worked in his organization. I atteded one of Tony's weekend trainings and experienced my first firewalk. Wow,he inspired me so much that I knew it was time for me to move back to Washington and reconnect with my family and focus on other career possibilities, my health and I  knew I wanted to settle down.
I became pregnant with my first child in 1991  and went in for my regular check ups. It was there that  I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C .  After learning the news that what I had experienced all these years had been recently given  a name, I went to a liver specialist at Harborview Hospital to begin researching what was available to help me. The news was not good. The only treatment was called interferon and it was highly toxic with severe side effects. The success rate was so minimal, like 5%.The side effects and relapse potential did not sound encouraging.
more later.....

In my personal journey  I have learned many things. The first that I would like to share is the importance of knowledge and thoughorly understanding that your life is in your hands. You look for guidence and support but you must be proactive to the point that you are willing to defie what some might say is "the only way"


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