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Once I am on the Waiora site and clicked into the blue "Join" tab  how do I purchase the drops and enroll as a distributor?
What are my choices?

  • You can purchase the drops on the distributor Waiora  site retail or wholesale.
  • To purchase retail simply purchase direct off site or buy  wholesale and pay a one time distributor fee of $29.95 follow these instructions:
  • 1. Click on "Join" (near the top of the page).
    2. On the next page, click on "Become A Distributor" button.
    3. This will put you on Step 1 of the program. Order what you want here.
  • To purchase enough for a family of four or to  begin earning commission
  • from immediatley sharring NCD purchase  the Pace Setter pack. 4 boxes with 4 bottles in each For $520.00. this is only neccesary to purchase one time to qualify for commissions and bonus.
  • To keep expenditures low, you can scroll down to the grren tab  "Choose A Pack" section and click on the "Choose A Pack" button.
    4. Order the Natural Cellular Defense 4-Pack (price is $139.95).four bottles in one box. You will need one bottle per week per person for protocol.
    5. Click the "Buy" button and complete the checkout. You'll see that $29.95 has also been added for the distributor kit. Total cost is around $169.90.
    6. During the checkout process, be sure to check the "I want this on AdvantageShip" which is the auto-ship feature (you will be auto-shipped the product once a month).
    7. That's it. You're now a distributor, and you'll receive theNatural Cellular Defense. You will also have your own Waiora replicated web site immediatley after this transaction. Be sure to write down the number Waiora issues you in the purchase process. This becomes your web site address.
  • You still save money by enrolling and paying the one time fee for wholesale. After the first purchase the cost per box of NCD is $139.99 wholesale or, $199.99 retail.
  • For more info go to the site and read info on side bar.

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