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Regan Golob

Listen to Dr Golob talk about Proper pH balance with the use of Natural Cellular Defense drops by clicking here.


Dr. Regan Golob of Issaquah, Washington is a difficult, if not impossible, health care professional to classify.  Although trained and licensed as a Chiropractor, he is noted for vastly expanding his knowledge beyond the confines of any single discipline.  He integrates his knowledge of the healthy functioning of all aspects of humans, animals, micro-organisms and plants to guide and nurture people and animals to optimum health.

He does not treat illness and disease as much as he aids in awareness and enhancement of total health. Through his guidance bodies become capable of eliminating illness and disease on their own.

Central to Dr. Golob's abilities to guide humans and animals to a level of health that they may never before have experienced is his specialty of bio-energy analysis and synchronization techniques.  This practice uses the body's own energy flows and blockages to not only determine where the problems lie, but also to help select the most efficacious form of therapy or treatment.

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