Teta and Christina

My friend Teta Stokes, a woman I have known since I was 14 was diagnosed 2 years ago with bladder cancer. It was caught early, thankfully, however every time they would remove several of the growths they would grow back. This required her to go to Overlake hospital every three months for outpatient surgery. Same as usual, every three months her Dr. would remove several areas where the cancer had grown again. Six months ago, after months of negotiation Teta took my advice and began taking Ambratose and got on the Natural Cellular Defense drops to detox. Three months after being on the products, she went in for her usual surgery. This time there was cancer but half of what was usually there. Her Dr. asked her what she was doing but suspected it was a fluke and said he would see her in three months. Today, May 2nd, I took her in for her three month surgery and today there was nothing to remove! Now her Dr. really wants to know what she is doing. We are setting up an appointment to meet with him and give him information ASAP...

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