My health journey begins with the symptoms I thought were the beginning of menopause.

I was waking more and more during the night, often sweating - ripping off covers and clothes.

I was also getting weepier and grouchier with each passing month.

I thought I can't live this way and my family did not like me much.

So, I jumped into learning about hormones and natural hormone replacement to see if I could alleviate my symptoms.

At the same time I was investigating all this, I was sick.

It seemed to me and my family that I was catching every cold and flu the kids brought home - my immune system was not doing its job.

That is when my friend Christina told me about the importance of detoxing environmental toxins out of your body and rebuilding your cells for optimum health with Glyco nutrients.

I started taking the glyco nutrient products in mid September 2004 and I right away FELT MY ENERGY LEVEL INCREASE.

It took a couple of month's for my pre-menopause symptoms to subside, but they did!

When you read about the glyconutrients and start to understand the role that these essential sugers play in cellular communication it becomes clear how they assist the body in healing itself. It is truly amazing.

I no longer wake at night for no reason and getting more sleep has made me a happy person again.

I NO LONGER HAVE HOT FLASHES and all of my period symptoms have either gone away or reduced greatly.

Also, to know that I am ridding my body of toxins on a daily basis with the Natural Cellular Defense drops is comforting, especially since we are bombarded with news constantly about how toxic our fish is now and being told not to eat it!

It took about 6 months for me to not catch the latest cold going around but now it seems my immune system is healthy enough to fight these off.

I'm so pleased with my results that I now recommend the gylco nutrient products to any one who is serious about improving their health! I also highly recommend the Lifewave energy patches. My energy level has increased twofold and my work outs are easier!

The new Nanotechnology delivery system communicates through my bodys own magnetic field and instructs the body to "produce more energy". This means the body burns more fat! No drugs or anything, because nothing enters the body... it's all rearranged atoms... That makes me happy.

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