Our bodies are our temples. As we begin to age our hormones change. There are many articles written and many different rules of thumb to guide us. Suzanne Summers has written several books on the subject as well as many other well known authors.
I have used bio identical hormones now for the last 5 years. Many doctors are open minded to these new protocols however many times you must take charge and request certain lab tests and request they run them and write prescriptions.
I offer a list of all the proper tests to bring to your doctor as well as the dosages suggested.

If you would like the information to bring to your doctor and assistance in how to proceed or find a practitioner in your email please set up a consult with me.
This consult will include the information to take in a file to your practitioner

The cost is $47.00

to schedule a time please send me an email to synergyofthree@gmail.com  and please say Hormone essay in the subject line.

Please note that I am not a doctor. What I supply is the appropriate list of required lab work for your doctor to run as well as a dosage sheet for the doctor to use.