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Purchase the NCD Toxic Heavy Metal Urine Test kit NOW


Please be advised that New York state does not allow toxic heavy metal testing.

By clicking here, you are purchasing a single toxic heavy metal urine test kit, results and analysis of data that may be used for information about your toxic heavy metal load. It is intended to be used with Natural Cellular Defense drops according to the protocol.

Cost: $135.00. Once you have paid for the testing please fill out and submit the form below.

Click here to purchase two heavy metal test kits. $270.00. Your health care provider may request that you initially purchase two test kits, one for a baseline test using no chelating agents and one test to use with the challenge test using the NCD drops. Once you have paid for the testing please fill out and submit the form below so that we can mail the test kit to you at the proper address. Thank you for your order!

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One NCD heavy metals test
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When your test kit arrives you will need to fill out the lab requisition form. CLICK HERE for instructions.

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Thank you for your order! Please be sure you have paid before submitting this form.